A hybrid 2021-2022 program, driven by the following question: how can we collectively invite the public and Francophone artists to rejoin society and relive art after an epidemic? Our artistic choices are based on the notion of adaptability and innovation, encouraging a necessary optimism in the service of creative resilience!

Dyana Ouvrard, artistic and executive director

JULY 2022

New! a French-language tour to celebrate all Francophone artists and visitors to the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair on Saturday, July 16 at 12:00 pm at Nathan Philips Square.

JUNE 2022

We proudly welcome bilingual curator Jesse Cumming’s exhibition as part of our annual partnership with Festival Images: « Sensual Life: The Films and Videos of Kyoko Michishita. » Borrowing its title from her 1980 collection of essays in which she reflects on the state of contemporary feminism in her native Japan, « Sensual Life: The Films and Videos of Kyoko Michishita » is the first bilingual North American exhibition devoted to the artist, writer and translator.

MAY 2022

On Saturday May 14th, it is around a coffee-croissant that awaits you the screening of the film « Sphère » directed by Babek Aliassa, who is also the founder of Le Labo. This film is the result of the Ontario World Tour of the artist Laurent Vaillancourt who will honor us with his presence. Legend has it that this was Labo’s very first collaborative and interdisciplinary project… And it took the team to 19 cities in Ontario! It’s enough to bring back fond memories and to imagine crazy projects for the future…

Le Cadavre exquis, this intergenerational artistic game closes the celebrations of the 15th anniversary of Le Labo and brought together Madi Piller, Samuel Choisy, Denis Taman Bradette, Murielle Jassinthe, Paul Walty, Marc Audette, Maria Legault, Marcel Grimard, Carolina Reis, Nelson Eduardo Vasquez, Éveline Boudreau, Denis Leclerc, Ama Ouattara, Marc Lemyre, Jean-Christophe Foolchand, Sophie Dusmeny. Find out in the office the official publication of the 15 years Qu’est-ce que c’est by Thom Sokoloski.

APRIL 2022

In celebration of REEL Canada‘s Canadian Film Day, Le Labo is hosting an exclusive film club screening at Studio 277 on April 21. This year, our choice is Tracey Deers’ multi-award-winning Beans (2020) to celebrate First Nations voices and the sharing of perspectives on the theme of anti-racism.

MARCH 2022

« Off Season » moves to Ottawa! Le Labo is pleased to export its successful exhibition Saison Creuse in partnership with Saw Gallery, for one evening, in the Maison Rochon.


On February 26th, 2022, Le Labo organizes « Mosaïque Éphémère ». This instantaneous urban journey broadcasts 4 short films from here and elsewhere during one night in Toronto. In honor of Black History Month, the question « What brings us together rather than what makes us different? » brings together the works of these 7 francophone artists. Stroll through the 4 locations of Queen Street West and Dundas West and discover at the same time francophone businesses and restaurants of our beautiful city.

Le Labo presents its first virtual tour « La Troisième Langue / The Third Tongue ». This event of diffusion of media arts on Vucavu.com is centered around the subject of the third language  »the one that arises from the coexistence of two languages ». This program brings together eight short films that, in a striking, playful or sensitive way, address the issue of language or identities, particularly Francophone identities living in a linguistic minority situation.


Le Labo is proud to welcome Camille Bernard-Gravel for an E-residency from January 17th to 31st, 2022. Camille is dedicated to a multidisciplinary practice that interrelates nature and technology. She decided to create a virtual gallery to initiate the production of an installation inspired by the association between well-being and an artificial relationship to the earth.


« Off Season » is a paper-based exhibition unveiled to the public at The Lab in December 2021 that explores the delicate yet insatiable ties that bind us to nature and community, even in the face of a global pandemic. Highlighting the work of eight leading francophone artists from Ontario and Canada, curator and artist Stefan St-Laurent travels a rugged terrain, during an endless season of suspended activity.


Le Labo is pleased to renew its collaboration with the CinéFranco! (24th edition), as part of its Franco-Canadian short film program: « Court Toujours! » from October 26 to November 2, 2021. It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to (re)discover virtually (and across Canada) the works produced during the confinement of our emerging members.


From Wednesday, September 29th to October 12th, 2021, Le Labo is pleased to host a preview of « Never Grow Up » a virtual reality exhibition by artist @imagefatale – Karen Vanderborght. « Never Grow Up » is an interactive experience that invites the audience to dance in a crazy rhythm game with a rather clumsy figurine made of plasticine. The virtual reality experience aims to raise awareness of the psychological trauma that child abuse can cause.

Le Labo is proud to present on September 9th 2021, the event « Un Toronto Situationniste« . This performance tour will take you from place to place in the city thanks to the Toronto Driftscape application. You will be able to find happenings by French-speaking media artists.


Le Labo organizes podcasts throughout the year. Come and discover the works and artists of the Labo’s program. Discover the artists of the Franco-Ontarian gang, as well as a podcast for the Women’s Rights Day.


Le Labo offers youth workshops. We wish to engage with education professionals to better prepare tomorrow’s generation for the digital challenges. That’s why we invite you to discover our workshops in media arts and digital technologies, presented in French by our bilingual Toronto artist-trainers.

In May 2022: Video production workshop at Collège Français de Viamonde Conseil Scolaire (grades 11 and 12).
In July 2022: Two-week Making Your First Film camp at the Alliance française de Toronto (8-10 years old).


Le Labo organizes « LaboReso » events to allow our members to get to know each other, to create links, to enlarge their network and to federate the Labo community.

Please note that even in virtual format, events organized by Le Labo may be documented by photographs and videos. These images may be used by Le Labo for promotional, advertising and educational purposes.

By attending our events, you agree to allow Le Labo to document and use your image and likeness. However, if you do not want us to use a photo or video of you or your child, please feel free to let us know when you arrive at the event.

You can also contact the marketing and communication office of Le Labo: com@lelabo.ca