« The 2022-23 season marks a comeback to in-person activities and a vibrant artistic agenda! Le Labo’s key events have resumed at the studio 277: the ciné-clubs, the Bazz’ART exhibition at the end of the year and the cross-residency projects. This long break also allowed us to think about new ideas and new programs were born: Le Cercle and La Nuit de la Création. As you can see, this season has been rich in activities, and as it comes to an end, Le Labo is beginning a new cycle under the sign of fallow land, in order to slow down a frantic rhythm and give back the place to the artistic reflection that is at the heart of our mission as an artist-run center.

Dyana Ouvrard, Executive and Artistic Director of Le Labo

July 2023

Mid-July: launch of the summer podcasts « sound experiences » following the cross-residency (only available in FR)
July 6: A tour in French of francophone artists exhibiting at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

June 2023

June 14-17: participation at the FAAS in Sudbury
June 08, 2022: virtual chat with artist Miryam Charles in collaboration with Images Festival
June 01 to 22: return residency at l’Écart as part of the Cartographie Ephémère cross-residency project with Laura Demers and Denis Taman Bradette

May 2023

May 29 to June 27: co-screening of Song for the New World by Miryam Charles with Images Festival
May 27 : opening of the studio to the public during Doors Open Toronto
May 11 : talk with Denis Taman Bradette and Violaine Lafortune about their work during the residency on Cartographie Éphémère.

April 2023

April 24 to May 12 : residency at Le Labo as part of the Cartographie Ephémère cross-residency project with Violaine Lafortune and Denis Taman Bradette
April 20 : ciné-club #4 « Histoires de famille » to celebrate Canadian Film Day, in partnership with REEL Canada
April 04 : Bulles d’Artistes presentation conference at the University of French Ontario (UOF)

March 2023

March 13 to 18: Le Cercle with Isabelle Michaud
March 3 and 4: Le Labo’s participation to the 30th edition of the Toronto Book Fair
March 8: collaborative and feminist writing project with Julie Lassonde, Noémie Roy, Éveline Boudreau and Sophie Dumesny
March 3: ciné-club #3, The work of Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve

February 2023

February 15: ciné club #2, Black cinema in the 70s
February 9: Night of Creation #2 « Let’s rethink the space of Le Labo »

January 2023

January 26: Screening of Bulles d’Artistes capsules with the production team and the artists
January 02 to 07 : Le Cercle with Antoine Quiet

December 2022

December 15: 401 Richmond Holiday Open House
December 01 to 15: Bazz’ART, members’ art show
December 01: Fundraising auction evening

November 2022

November 21 to 25 : shooting of video capsules Bulles d’Artistes
November 12: participation in the Festival Courts-Toujours
November 09: Night of Creation in collaboration with Concept Free Creatives

October 2022

October 22: Longue Vue event, screening of the film Moun An Ba La
October 02 to 07: Le Cercle with Samuel Choisy
October 01: participation in Nuit Blanche with the work Emergence by Nadine Valcin

Youth Workshops

August: summer camp at the Alliance Française led by Pascaline Lebras.
Workshop to create a photo exhibition: one week.

July: summer camp at the Alliance Française led by Pascaline Lebras.
Short film making workshop: two weeks.

April to June: Tourné-Monté cross-Canada tour, offering short film workshops in several schools in Ontario and Saskatchewan with artists Sophie Dumesny and Ophélie Pichon.

March : March camp at the Alliance Française, « Réaliser son premier film » with Sophie Dumesny.

February : screening/debate of « Ishyaka, la volonté de vivre » at the Lycée Français de Toronto with the director Joseph Bitamba


Professional Workshops
Creation of a cultural podcast with À l’Est De Vos Empires
Creating the interactive without programming with Karen Vanderborght
The ropes of the art market with Candice Houtekier

Interviews of francophone artists in the form of video capsules Bulles d’Artistes broadcast with and thanks to our partners: CHOQ-FM, Vucavu, UOF, CSV, Trinity Square Video.
Series of radio interviews for the CHOQ-FM program Nos francophones ont du talent