Artists: Julie Lassonde, Sophie Dumesny, Éveline Boudreau et Noémie Roy.

Le Labo – studio 277 – 401 Richmond St W

From March 25th to April 07th

Letters from artists to artists and then words that resonate. A project to create epistolary relations, to open fields of reflection on the identity, somewhere in the resonance of a new Exquisite corpse…

During the spring, Le Labo invites four Toronto artists Noémie Roy, Julie Lassonde, Sophie Dumesny and Eveline Boudreau to initiate a feminist and transdisciplinary epistolary project to give each other an opportunity to redefine themselves. This long-term project invites us all to rethink what it means to be a woman today and to question gender dictates and notions of domination.

In these letters, we hope finding questions of gender, feminism and struggles, exploration of the contemporary art world, mixing personal reflections and research work. Their echo will be universal since each person is connected to all the others in the world by, it would be said, six degrees of separation…

6 degrees is a work in progress project that will grow over the months to be presented again in March 2024. With the point of departure of the 4 artists’ letters in March 2023, each visitor to Le Labo (between April 2023 and March 2024) will have the opportunity to respond to the last letter and address it to the next unknown visitor. In March 2024, we will unveil all these letters written between women.

Venez lire ces lettres en grands formats au Labo puis participez vous mêmes à cette correspondance à grande échelle!

Exhibition from March 25th to April the 7th 2023

To be continued in 2024…

This project is supported by Ontario Art Council, Toronto Art Council and Canadian Heritage.