Representative artists Le Labo: Ama Ouattara and Pascaline Lebras

Ottawa – cour des Arts, Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC)
From August, 10th to 14th 2022

Le Labo was pleased to participate in this year’s national media arts gathering, Through the Storm, which took place in Ottawa from August 10-14. This gathering was a co-production between IMAA, MANO-RAMO of which we are members, NIMAC and DARC, in collaboration with the Asinabka Film and Media Arts Festival

Ama and Pascaline, two members of Le Labo representing the new generation, made the trip to the capital to participate in several round tables including these:

  • Sacrifice as Beginning: Conflict, Justice, Reparations, facilitated by Nasrin Himada
  • Economies Beyond Survival: Arts Organizations as Alternative Frameworks, facilitated by Eli Hirtle online and Kemi Craig in person.

Passing on their knowledge, debating their ideas and looking to the future were the missions they had as representatives. A great experience of sharing leading to concrete recommendations for our organization. To be continued…

Ama Ouattara
Ama Ouattara (Ah-Ma | What-Tara) is a documentary photographer based in Ottawa documentary photographer based in Ottawa (Canada) and originally from the Ivory Coast. Social change, the fight against ageism, and women’s leadership are her favourite subjects to capture! In the form of a photographic mission, she works on ways to use art to concretely and continuously recognize the full place that Afro-Caribbean immigrant communities have in the world and the diversity and richness of their contribution to the evolution of a Canada in transformation. The many positive reviews earned her a nomination for the Prix Relève ON 2021 in the Leadership and Inclusion category. She is also Vice President of the Voix Visuelle artist-run centre specializing in Francophone digital arts and VR in Ottawa.

Pascaline Le Bras
After over 20 years growing up in the countryside of France near Paris, Pasky’s interest in photography began to flourish when she moved to Canada in 2011. Having spent only a few months in this new country she now calls home, she purchased her first professional camera and started to capture images while exploring the city of Toronto. Nature and travel then became her first source of inspiration throughout the many different countries she visited.
She later developed an interest for photojournalism embracing the unknown and capturing glimpses of real-life with the intention to remain as authentic as possible. With a deep connection to music and dance, her craft has evolved over the last few years with a focus on portraiture and performing arts. She has begun collaborating with artists and have since discovered a little more about herself and the path she is paving for her artistic ventures.
Photography as a creative medium has allowed Pasky to share her love for the simple things in life, the infinite beauty of our world and its impactful human interactions. 

This event is supported by: Ontario Art Council, Canadian Heritage and Toronto Art Council.

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