Deadline: Monday Jan 09th, 2023

Call to artistnew programming cycle 2023-2024

Le Labo – studio 277 – 401 Richmond St W

Le Labo launches its call to artists for its new programming cycle under the theme of fallowing.

In keeping with the ancestral practice of cultivators, we choose to let Le Labo « rest » by « recovering strength » to allow itself to be covered with a dense, spontaneous and free creativity in order to prepare for the future.

This program invites francophone or francophile artists and curators in new media, interdisciplinary and digital arts to a new fertile field where they are the seeds of renewal. Artists are invited to propose an exhibition, a cycle of screenings, or other interventions that engage in multiple reflections on the notions of (non)action, space and cycles. Special attention will be given to projects offering an outreach activity to support the proposed project.

Le Labo is a space for artistic production and experimentation in the field of the media arts,  interdisciplinarity and digital creation. Le Laboratoire d’Art  is the only francophone artist-run center in Toronto. To support the sensibilities and the unique realities of francophone culture, Le Labo cultivates multiple activities by emphasizing research, innovation, collaboration and training. In addition to access to a studio in 401 Richmond and to professional equipment (see below), its programming includes residencies, workshops and artist talks, as well as screenings and exhibitions.

The 307 sq. ft. Labo’s gallery is an industrial space located on the second floor of 401 Richmond with high ceilings and exposed piping. Three large windows let in natural light, making it a real playground for exploring the spatial design of an exhibition. Le Labo is interested in receiving original projects for its programming beginning June 2023, which will transform this space into a vibrant one.

Interested artists must submit :

  • A curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages)
  • Exhibition or project description + outreach activity (maximum 1 page)
  • Any technical requirements necessary for the installation of the works according to the map
  • 10 images of the works and/or the Vimeo URL (maximum length of 5 minutes) and/or a Wetransfer link
  • A descriptive list of the works (title, date, dimensions and techniques used)

The only way to submit a file is now through this airtable form no later than January 9th at 11:59 PM EST:

For any question, please email us to the following address:, with the subject line: Regular Programming

**No application received by email will be considered.**


  1. Francophone or francophile artist/curator only
  2. Selected artists receive exhibition fees according to CARFAC standards and a free Labo’s professional membership for a period of one year following their exhibition 
  3. The first exhibition period will take place in June 2023
  4. Access to a technician is not guaranteed. In this case, the artist is responsible for setting up the exhibition with the support of the Labo team

We recognize that the system of programming in the art sector that has been perpetuated for years has disproportionately affected and continues to affect the most marginalized people in society, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis, people of color, working class people, women and LGBTQ+ people. Because we believe that these communities should be at the heart of our reality, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities. Applicants who have difficulty providing the requested material in the suggested form can contact the team at and we will make arrangements for the submission of a file.

Kyoko Mishichita par Jesse Cuming – juillet 2022 – Partenariat avec Images Festival


1.What do we mean by francophone or francophile ?

Francophile: a person who has a strong affinity towards the French language and/or Francophone history in Canada. 

Francophone*: based on the Government of Ontario’s Inclusive Definition of Francophone (IDF), which includes “those persons whose mother tongue is French, plus those whose mother tongue is neither French nor English but have a particular knowledge of French as an Official Language and use French at home.”

* Ontario’s Francophone population is culturally diverse and includes people from countries all over the French-speaking world. For many Francophones, the arts are a critical link between language and cultural identity, and Ontario’s Francophone artists are deeply valued by their communities. Because Francophone individuals and communities are dispersed throughout Ontario, Francophone artists and arts organizations may face particular challenges.

The artist or curator who presents the project must be able to communicate in French and develop bilingual context about the exhibition. If the curator is francophone or francophile, the artist presented does not have to be and vice versa.

2.What do we mean by media art ?

We refer to artworks involving the recording of either images, sounds, or new technologies in the broadest possible sense. We are very open to discovering projects from any background if they involve technology at any point in the process or outcome.

3.What does Le Labo cover versus what are the applications supposed to cover?

We are limited to one CARFAC artist fee per project. Unfortunately, Le Labo is not able to cover additional fees for additional artists/participant.

Le Labo is not responsible for shipping.
Le Labo does not offer a production fee.
Le Labo can afford a letter to apply for funding through a granting body.
Le Labo provides its equipment and a budget of $300 for any purchase and/or technical rental.

4.Where can I get access to Le Labo layout?

You can find Le Labo’s layout on the page dedicated to our space.

5.Where can I get access to Le Labo equipment list?

For several years we have been in partnership with Charles Street Video. We invite you to visit their page and prefer material tagged with our logo.

6.What does Le Labo mean by mediation activity?

Any activity that involves a close relationship with the public at a specific time such as a workshop for professional artists, the general public or children, a guided tour, participation in a podcast, etc.

If the project presented includes this mediation activity, Le Labo will pay an additional fee to the artist.

7.What are the advantages of being a member of Le Labo ?

To benefit from technical support and access professional equipment and setting.

  • Receive exclusive calls on various artistic projects with Le Labo
  • Have your artistic news shared on Le Labo newsletters and social medias
  • 20 dollars discount on your FRIC membership
  • Free membership with Charles Street Video  
  • Enjoy membership rate with Trinity Square Video. Attend their workshops or rent their equipment.
  • Receive Le Labo newsletter and exclusive arts communication 
  • Enjoy membership rate for all Labo workshops
  • Free access to the professional workstation 
  • Accès à la location d’équipement de production et de post-production
  • Professional production and post production equipment rental 
  • 50% discount on studio rental 
  • 10% discount with Desseres
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