Friday, February 2nd, beginning at 6 p.m

401 Richmond, Studio 277, Toronto

Free Admissiom

Invited artists: Noémie Roy, Laura Demers, Julie Lassonde and Karine Ricard of TfT

As part of the project 6 degrés, territoires de narration, Le Labo invites you to its evening of « electronic readings », Friday, February 2nd, beginning at 6 p.m, at 401 Richmond, Studio 277.

Come and immerse yourself in a feminist sound universe that challenges the patriarchy, to explore burning themes such as freedom, sharing, struggle, feminism, in contemporary society. Five Canadian women artists exchange letters like a cadavre exquis : the first writes to the second, who is writing to the third, and so on. They are sharing their life, their emotions and their struggles : intimate, sincere self-portraits.

These writings were exhibited at Nuit Blanche 2023, and visitors responded to them. Then, members of Le Labo community added their voices to what had been written previously, creating a large-scale correspondence.

Come write and listen to these writings at the « electronic readings » in Le Labo, transformed for the occasion into a warm, welcoming and intimate salon. The opening of the letters, their discovery and the emotion they evoke will be at the heart of the evening. Be a listener but also an interpreter and hear the writings come to life through the voices of those present, as well as through recorded voices.

Join us at Le Labo Studio on Friday, February 2, 2024, starting at 6 p.m.

Free admission.