Available until the end of march 2022 on vimeo.com

Le Labo is proud of the success of its first virtual tour: The Third Tongue / La troisième langue. This media arts outreach event was centered around the topic of the third language  »the one that arises from the coexistence of two languages. » This project was born at le Labo in 2018 under the curatorship of Carolina Reis. In 2022, the new component of this project was put into pan-Canadian circulation as part of the Canada Council for the Arts on tour in partnership with Vucavu, CAVA (Alberta), GNO (Ontario), GIV (Quebec) and Maison des artistes francophones (Manitoba).

This program brought together eight short films that, in a striking, playful or sensitive way, addressed the issue of language or identities, particularly Francophone identities living in linguistic minority situations. These videos represented a limited sample, but they nevertheless testified to an elusive hybrid history and gave us a glimpse of the possible third languages that can exist.

Artists of the program:

Lise Beaudry, Louise Bourque, Denis Taman Bradette, Daniel Cockburn, Marie Dauverné, Jacquelyn Hébert, Jean-Marc Larivière, Maria Legault, Nadine Valcin.

Artists invited in 2022:

Rémi Belliveau, Claudia Bernal, Lou-Anne Bourdeau, Denis Taman Bradette, Laura Demers et Zoong Nguyen.

What was to be expected ?

1. visual journey into the universe of several Canadian Francophone and Francophile artists awaited you. As a spectator, you were able to immerse yourself in a hybrid experience between listening to fascinating stories and exploring the visual world of each artist’s short films.

2. You could also discover the humorous plastic universe of artists Marie Dauverné and Denis Taman Bradette in a recorded talk led by Carolina Reis. Their aesthetic approaches bring them together while their experiences are profoundly different.

3. Finally, you discovered a dynamic 30-minute pop documentary by Sophie Dusmeny exploring the question « What’s your Third Language? » and wrapping it all up in a striking artistic journey across Canada and its different languages.

a little prayer (H-E-L-P) | Louise Bourque | 8:00 | 2011 | CFMDC
Des poussières de toi | Jean-Marc Larivière | 4:00 | 2012
La vie en pellicule | Lise Beaudry | 5:00 | 2008 | CFMDC
Brother Tongue / Langue fraternelle | Daniel Cockburn | 15:46 | 2006 | VTape
Marie Minou Miau Miau | Maria Legault | 5:55 | 2008 | VTape
In between / Entre deux | Nadine Valcin | 8:00 | 2009 | CFMDC
Les crevasses foisonnent de miniatures hérétiques / Crevasses abound of heretic miniatures | Marie Dauverné | 8:18 | 2015 | VTape
Francophone hybride | Jacquelyn Hébert | 15:41 | Vucavu

With Carolina Reis, Le Labo had to innovate and think differently about a tour during a pandemic. It is in this context that we worked together on a way to make the experience live in a different way. For lack of being able to meet with artists and artist-run communities from here and elsewhere, we brought them to us and to you by conducting interviews with them around this theme. The Third Language, available for free on vucavu.com, is the result of this reflection, an innovative way to present both the short films and to discover points of view from across Canada. A paper publication available at Le Labo will complete the project in March 2022.

Le Labo would like to warmly thank Carolina for her investment as well as Sophie Dusmeny, Jocelyn Pogorbsky, Petunia Alves, Lou-Anne Bourdeau, Diane Plasse and Louise Brockmeier.

We thank the Canada Council for the arts for their support.