At Le Labo, we believe that art doesn’t have to be synonymous with results. The artistic process is an inner one, and creation is first and foremost an introspective process. Art is a reflection of our humanity, capturing our emotions, hopes and dreams. In today’s consumerist world, where supply and demand rule every aspect of our lives, it is difficult for artists to take the time to reflect on their work. 

Our goal : $ 1,200

This is where we come in, to help our members distill new ideas, explore techniques and develop their projects. Le Cercle, a program halfway between residency and mentoring, embodies this innovative spirit, offering selected artists space and time to create.

We believe in the strength of this program for the future of francophone arts in Toronto and Ontario. However, for Le Cercle to continue to exist in 2024, and for us to be able to offer this opportunity to our artists, we need your support. 

Our fundraising campaign aims to raise the funds needed to : 

  • support the artists / each participating artist has access to Le Labo’s studio and equipment for one week. They receive a fee for taking part in the program. 
  • create connections / each participating artist has the opportunity to meet an artist mentor of his or her choice, whom Le Labo remunerates equitably. 
  • expand the program / Le Cercle requires a significant amount of working time for Le Labo’s small team.

How can you get involved? 

Each of us can help shape the future of contemporary francophone art and creativity. Here’s how you can get involved: 

  • Make a donation: Every dollar counts. Your contribution will help support the artists and make Le Cercle an incubator of talent.
  • Share our story: Share this campaign with your friends, family and colleagues. The more of us who rally to this cause, the greater our impact!

Together, we can help ensure that artists’ creative work is recognized, and contribute to fuelling reflection. 

Make a donation today and become part of Le Cercle’s history.
To make a contribution or find out more about Le Cercle, visit our fundraising page at