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During the month of March, the world honors women and the fight for their rights, their struggles and their stories. Each year, a day, March 8th, is set aside to remind people around the world that women and men still do not have equal rights and that this must change. But in concrete terms, how can art help to make things happen in Toronto? We give voice to the women who make art!

Le Labo is proud to support the exhibition and fundraising project « Unstoppable » on the occasion of Women’s Rights Day. Brought to you by the French-Toronto photography duo Juliette et Fanny, this definitely engaging exhibition celebrates women in all their splendor. Les Scandaleuses, the name of the duo, celebrates the nude through the boudoir to fight the hypersexualization of women and allow them to inhabit their bodies fully without being judged.
See the exhibition at Le Labo from March 8th to 18th, 2022 and participate in the March 8, 2022 fundraiser to support Sistering and the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


  • Conception : Louise Brockmeier
  • Production : Le Labo
  • Voix : Louise Brockmeier et Dyana Ouvrard


La gang franco-ontarienne is a podcast about 8 Toronto artists: Marc Audette, Lise Beaudry, Samuel Choisy, Martine Côté, Jacquelyn Hébert, Maria Legault, Ron Loranger and Geneviève Thauvette. As they gather as a duo, they talk about how certain moments of creativity have shaped them, the influence they have had on their work and what their process means to them in retrospect of this Off Season.

Martine Côté and Samuel Choisy talk about how certain moments of creativity shaped them, the influence they had on their work and what their approach means to them in retrospect of this off season.

Jacquelyn Hébert and Lise Beaudry talk about their creative starting points. How personal experience influences them. They question the boxes society puts individuals in. When Manitoba and Ontario meet, it is here.

Marc Audette and Ron Loranger talk about the place of feeling in their practices. Although their two arts are quite different, one in photography and the other in painting, they both seek to understand the feelings that their works provoke in others. Together they also question the evolution of technology in subjectivity.

Geneviève Thauvette and Maria Legault join forces to talk about their experience in staging the self. Both recognized for their discourses on cultural and feminist identity, they plunge into the genre of autofiction to publicly denounce certain stereotypes and injustices, always with humor.


With the support of the Ontario Arts Council, Heritage Canada and the Toronto Art Council.