Talking about exploration and reflecting on the time we take for ourselves: that is what we do today at Le Labo, dedicating ourselves to artists’ creative thinking, and prioritizing introspection and discovery over mere goals of success.

Inspired by the ancient practice of cultivators, we’d like to contribute to the rest of Le Labo and its community, so that all seeds of ideas sown can eventually sprout.

What better way to prepare for the future?

Dyana Ouvrard, artistic and executive director

July 2024
July 15 to August 4: Tracés de voyage, an odyssey in augmented reality | exhibition for young visitors
July 12: stroll through the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

May 2024
May 27 to June 26: Mémoire | Exhibition | Andreas Krätschmer, Paul Ruban and Tania Love
May 7 to 9: Exploration of sound and writing | Murielle Jassinthe and Duo Chorus

April 2024
April 18: Canadian Film Day | co-presentation with REEL Canada
April 11: In conversation with Paul Couillard

March 2024
March 14: In Conversation | with Lan Florence Yee
March 8 to 31: 6 degrés | collaborative feminist letter-writing project

February 2024
February 23: stroll through the AGO – visit the Casa Susanna exhibition
February 22: Afro-descendant cinema | co-presentation with CinemaWon
February 3: Nuit de la Création | Le Labo invites Creative Room

January 2024
January 12: stroll around MOCA – visit The Separation exhibition | Liz Magor

December 2023
December 7 to 18: Bazz’Art | group show
December 7: Year-end benefit auction evening

November 2023
November 5: Courts Toujours | co-presentation of French-language short films with CinéFranco

October 2023
October 10: evening screening of documentary films « À pleine voix » by Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski and « Moun An Ba La » by Katia-Café-Fébrissy

September 2023
September 23: Nuit Blanche – 6 degrés | collaborative letter-writing project at 401 Richmond
September 22 to October 21: Bulles | group exhibition at Alliance Française

Our full program is available to download :