Denis Taman Bradette

- Interdisciplinary Artist -

Denis Taman Bradette is an artist and educator based in Toronto and in Northeastern Ontario near Cochrane. He completed his master’s degree in fine arts in 2013 (University of Ottawa), focussing on works connected to the elements, time, autobiography and the Anthropocene. Denis participated in the Ontario Arts Council’s Artist in Education program for many years providing mixed-media art workshops (with themes based on autobiography and ecology) to elementary students in classroom settings. He is currently working on two art and education projects: climate change awareness through art for children and youth called « Way-Station\la Station-de-chemin » based in Cobalt, Northeastern Ontario and in Toronto. The other initiative is an online\real-world gallery and cultural production project called « Sa_te_lit ». Denis also volunteers weekly at a local homeless drop-in centre in downtown Toronto providing informal art workshops to the visitors and clients. He is also a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers, with over twenty years of teaching experience in French and in English, at all levels: in art, special education, science and peace education.