Zoraida Anaya

- Assemblage -



My current artistic practice includes making assemblages using found objects and recycled paper as my main medium. The artworks that arise from this creative process are often surrealistic. I find Surrealism to be magical and inspirational to my practice because, though it is not easy to do so, it allows me to let the unconscious guide my work. I use coffee, tea and wine in my drawings. I have exhibited my works across Canada (for example at Gallery 1313, Musée Strathroy-Caradoc, Smith Zone Gallery, Galerie d’art Eugène-Racette, Galerie 815, Centre francophone de Hamilton, Galerie-Chapelle Clement-Berini, Musée de Timmins, and the Fédération Gallery in Vancouver; as well as in the United states at the Foundry Center in Missouri, and the Women Art Gallery of Chicago. I am a member of the Gallery 1313, Le Labo, Bravo-Sud, and the Red Tree Collective and the Women’s Art Project.


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