Join our team by volunteering.

Le Labo offers various volunteer opportunities:

  • Public events and exhibitions;
  • Technical and administrative assistance all year long.
Our volunteers are a vital part our success. Le Labo would like to warmly thank all of the dedicated individuals that give their time, skills and resources.

Special thanks to Christelle Davis, Émilie Dupuis, Amélie Druillet, Nacima Genot, Guillaume Lorin, Charles Ngele, Simon Miclo and Aurélie Fayeulle for their support.
Also, thanks to Michel Bouchard, Barbara Gilbert, Jean-Paul Ginestier, David Gressot, Marc Lemyre, Erol Ozberk, Johanne Roberge and Sébastien Skrobos for proof reading and translating our billingual communications.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact us at