Join un for a free workshop on 3D Printing and Design offered in partnership with the Toronto Public Library.

Price : Free and Open to all ! Limited space, please register below.

Language of instruction : English with French translation if necessary.

Registration deadline: Friday, June 29  2018 at noon.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Le Labo reserves the right to cancel all workshops a minimum of 7 days before the date  of the event if the minimum number of participants required is not achieved.

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Workshop description :

3D printers let you print three-dimensional (3D) objects – jewelry, home appliance parts, toys, phone accessories, or anything else you can imagine. In this workshop you will learn an overview of how 3D print works in addition to a introduction to 3D printing and design software. You can download ready-to-print designs from websites such as Thingiverse or use our design software to modify a design or create one of your own.
Find out more about it here : 

Required materials to be brought by participants :

No specific knowledge is required to participate in this workshop.

Workshop Facilitator : Alex Lai

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