Introduction to 360​​° image capture

Part of the world of virtual reality, a 360​​° image captures the environment around the camera. This image can be displayed on a screen (computer, tablet, smartphone) with which one can navigate in all directions or by using a head-mounted display (Oculus-style) that virtually propels the user into this space.

After an overview of the art of virtual reality and its technology, participants will learn to make use of a 360° camera and to process the captured videos. From shooting to editing, participants will have created an image or mini-video by applying the methods they have been taught.

Age group: secondary, post-secondary and adult. Can be modified as needed.

Curriculum connections: Integrated arts, Media Arts, Visual Arts, French, Technology

Equipment to be provided by the school:

  • Classroom
  • Video projector (can be provided by Le Labo)
  • Computers (can be provided by Le Labo).

Le Labo provides:

  • 360° camera
  • IPad

Length of workshop: 3 hours (half-day) or 6 hours (full day)






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