Winter 2017, Date TBA

This event will be held in French.

New Equipment: State of the Art Technology at Le Labo
Discover the brand new technology that has just arrived at Le Labo and see the gear that is at your disposal! You are invited to learn more about the equipment at an information session where you will have the chance to try out Le Labo’s new acquisitions thanks to free presentations by our members. 
Whether it is a 360-degree video camera, the famous Sony Alpha7 RII camera, as well as a whole gamut of photography equipment or 4K camera accessories, you will find cutting-edge tools that will help bring your artistic visions to life and lend exceptional professional quality to your creations.

The featured equipment will be :

– The Atomos Shogun 4K monitor and recorder, presented by Zefred

– The Sony A7RII camera and lenses, presented by Claude Martel

–  360-degree cameras: the SpericamV2 and the Ricoh Theta S, presented by Emmanuel Albano

Other equipment available for rental:

– A Canon 6D camera and lenses

– Autopano Giga software (for processing gigapixel and 360-degree panoramic images)

– Autopano Video Pro (360-degree video)

Equipment rentals are available for to members of Le Labo. To become a member, please visit this page.