Recording and editing for film and video

Amateur filmmakers often have a problem with sound quality in their productions. Indeed, due to several factors considered in this workshop, sound quality can often be improved. Upon examining the different types of microphones and techniques for a clean recording, participants will learn the basic techniques of editing and sound mixing to get semi-professional results.

Age group: secondary, post-secondary and adult. Can be modified as needed.

Curriculum connections: Integrated arts, Media Arts, Music, French, Technology

Equipment to be provided by the school:

  • Classroom
  • Video projector (can be provided by Le Labo)
  • Microphones (can be provided by Le Labo)
  • Computers (can be provided by Le Labo).
Le Labo provides:
      • MIDI recorder with iPad

Length of workshop: 3 hours (half-day) or 6 hours (full day)




Le Labo / Educational Program

Contact : Carolina Reis 647.352.4411





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