Introduction to writing a film script

Regardless of genre, any video project, animation or film begins with a script. The script is the description of scenes that make up a movie. This workshop aims to understand the function of a script and to write a movie scene with action and dialogue.

Curriculum connections: Integrated arts, Media Arts, Drama, Theatre, French

Age group: grades 6 through 12, post-secondary and adults.

Equipment to be provided by the school:

  • Classroom with space to move/play,
  • Video projector and computer to watch extracts (can be provided by Le Labo),
  • Large sheets of paper, letter-sized sheets of colour paper, and markers/[crayons] for fun exercises, tables and chairs.

Length of workshop: 3 hours (half-day) or 6 hours (full day)



Le Labo / Educational Program

Contact : Carolina Reis 647.352.4411

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