Introduction to light: illuminate your creativity !

Most of the time, photography – that art of capturing images of the world – is synonymous with technique, with a camera, with equipment … This workshop aims to move away from the technical aspects of the medium for an approach that is sensitive, fun and educational.

Here are six different exercises that can be explored during the course of the workshops and the number of sessions:

  1. The camera obscura,
  2. Light painting,
  3. The mask and role play,
  4. Photographic writing,
  5. The pinhole,
  6. Sun painting.

Age group: elementary, secondary, post-secondary and adult. Can be modified as needed.

Equipment to be provided by the school:

  • Classroom (with a means of blacking out the room)
  • Roll of paper, pencils, tape, various waste materials (specified based on the workshop).
  • Video projector (can be provided by Le Labo)
  • Lamps, candles and flashes,
  • Webcam, video camera/still camera or smartphone (Le Labo can provide cameras).
Le Labo provides:
      • Up to 10 digital cameras
      • 2-3 tripods
      • Lighting equipement

Length of workshop: 3 hours (half-day) or 6 hours (full day)






Le Labo / Educational Program

Contact : Carolina Reis 647.352.4411





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