Media Arts Creation: fiction or documentary

The media arts are the junction between all forms of artistic expression such as the visual arts, drama, music, digital art and other disciplines. By discovering the process of audiovisual production, students will be in a better place to understand the tactics used in communication and build a critical sense with regards to all the information to which they are exposed.

The objective of this workshop is to create a one- to three-minute video. Depending on the grade, the video may be an original creation or be connected to other disciplines. The finished project thus will be able to connect with a book or a socio-historical subject studied in an information literacy framework program including social studies, history and geography or the social sciences.

Being guided through the three stages of development of video production, students will learn to produce videos that communicate their choice of message and story:

  1. Pre-production (creation and screenwriting),
    Regardless of genre, any video project, animation or film begins with a script. The script is the description of scenes that make up a movie. This workshop aims to understand the function of a script and to write a movie scene with action and dialogue.
  2. Production (image capture technologies),
  3. Post-production (video editing).

1 step = one 2 to 3-hour session / 3 sessions of 2 to 3 workshop hours = 1-2 minutes of video

Curriculum connections: Integrated arts, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Drama, French, Technology

Age group: Grades 3 to 12, post-secondary and adult.

Equipment to be provided by the school:

  • Workshop room or film stage for practice,
  • Video projector (can be provided by Le Labo)
  • Computers with Premiere Pro CC software (free trial available)
  • Webcam, video camera/still camera or smartphone (Can be provided by Le Labo).
  • Large sheets of paper, letter-sized sheets of colour paper, and markers/[crayons] for fun exercises, tables and chairs.

Length of workshop: 3 hours (half-day) for each production step






Le Labo / Educational Program

Contact : Carolina Reis 647.352.4411


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