Paul Walty

- Visual Artist -
  • A_la_va-vite_I-Slip_Slidin_Away_1 / dans une boîte de nuit, Sudbury, Paul Walty, 2012

Paul Walty has suffered an addiction to the visual arts since 1980. Should you press him, he will admit that he is not immune to the seductive allure of photography, sculpture, installation and stop-motion animation. Studies at the University of Toronto, whetted a life-long appetite for archaeology and in particular prehistory, while a later sojourn at the Ontario College of Art and Design primed him for his adventure in the arts. Walty is attracted to collaborative undertakings, a passion kindled by his experience working in groups while excavating sites in various parts of the world. Hence his interest in collectives. He is a member of the trio PADEJO, a collective that favours ephemeral interventions and work that invites the involvement of the public.